For the King!

Hook: Mysterious Mission

In Korth, a mysterious woman approached the party, asking in hushed tones if they were interested in serving their king. With a nod, she ushered them into some secluded corner of a tavern, and said,

 "Travel to the city of Winterhaven near the Icetop Mountains. Once there, look for an old man in Wrafton's Inn. Start a conversation with him and ask him about the local area. Eventually, he'll ask if you'd like him to draw a map of the area. Respond with the phrase: 'Do the local birds need maps to know which way the wind blows.' He'll respond to this with, 'not on a fair day, but they may when darkness falls.' Then give him a copper coin that features the portrait of King Kaius. He'll then give you a mission. Speak to no one of this; secrecy is of the utmost importance." 


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